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Explore our identity through its foodscape. A journey into the heart of local gastronomy to discover the craft companies, typical dishes and traditional products.…enter to discover more
A unique experience to explore the territory at 360 degrees. An authentic way to discover the secrets of the less known places through the protagonists of the local gastronomy
THEMATIC ITINERARIES. We will travel together, on foot or by mountain bike (even with pedal assistance), the enchanting landscapes where the gastronomic excellences of the Aurunco ​​territory are born. You can meet the producers, discover the secrets of the transformation of raw materials, taste the products directly in the dairies, in the cellars, in the oil mills …
GUIDED TASTINGS. An opportunity for enthusiasts, but also for those who want to approach the world of sensory analysis, to explore through the 5 senses all the nuances of quality gastronomic products of the aurunco ​​territory.
GASTRONOMIC WORKSHOPS. For a first approach or to perfect your talent, you can take advantage of the teachings of expert cooks and learn how to make the most tasty and representative dishes of the local gastronomic tradition

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