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A small village called Esperia, in the middle of the Aurunci natural park, is where the most ancient dinosaur’s footprint ever discovered in Lazio have been found: there are more than 40 footprint traces that have been dated back to 120-140 million years ago. The footprints are widely visible over a rocky wall that is located right on the road that connects Esperia to the heart of Aurunci park.
The route is technically easy, almost entirely on paved road, while the difference in height of 500 meters is quite challenging. After reaching the footprints the itinerary will continue until Polleca Valley, one of the most beautiful places of the Aurunci park, full of rare animal and vegetal species.
You will be surrounded by uncontaminated nature and you will also encounter rural community traces such as old cisterns, shepherd houses and grazing animals.
Interesting from an archeological and environmental viewpoint
Technical level: MC/TC (Easy)
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